Celebrate the Small Things – August 23rd

vik - small things 2-1It’s time to Celebrate the Small Things! I’m glad to just enjoy time with family this week! It’s been a lot of fun cherishing these last days before school starts. Our school routines will be in place soon, so we’ve been gearing up for that.

What have you been up to this week? 

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11 comments on “Celebrate the Small Things – August 23rd

  1. I had a week with family too. It was nice.

    (I am visiting from the blog hop.)

  2. No school goers in our household, but I will be glad to see the neighborhood kids go back to school instead of yelling outside the windows all day.

  3. This end of summer rush is an important time to spend with family before the routine of school begins. Enjoy!

  4. Yes, that transformation from summer brain to school brain starts to kick in a bit naturally than you’d think it would! Hope you have enjoyed the last few days of summer freedom!

    (requesting FB likes) Nancy’s Facebook page

  5. Family time is a great celebration!

  6. Awww spending time with family is always fun and a must before school starts up again. My son is already back to school. So enjoy the relaxing mornings while they last. :)

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