An Introduction

Being creative allows us to express ourselves. The actual products are not as important as the process we venture through. From simple crafts to poetry to grand art on canvases, it makes sense in this hectic world. We can enjoy life and our place in it when making art. By pursuing what intrigues us, we learn more about ourselves.

My mission here is to allow myself to create and try new things. Maybe I will be mediocre at best, but I will allow myself to go through the process. I would like to celebrate the efforts of other artists from beginners to professionals as well.

We can be artists every day. It starts with an idea and a willingness to persist. Are you part of the creative community? What is YOUR mission?


2 thoughts on “An Introduction

  1. I’ve always been a believer in process over product. I think that as you grow and develop, eventually you develop an ownership of your process, changing it when the need develops, and eventually you see that growth in your product, it does follow along. I write about similar things, come visit me sometime:

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