Passionate About Music

It is easy for me to listen to my CD collection for hours. I love all kinds of music. But actually making music? I never learned to play an instrument, but always felt the desire to play music someday.

My husband keeps his guitar in the living room so that he can play it when he can. He started playing just a few years ago. He had a few sessions with other musicians and he learned several songs on his own. I tried to learn as well, but I didn’t put in the time as he did.

Lately I have been picking up the guitar and trying a few things. I want to keep this up and practice regularly, even for just a few minutes a day. I can squeeze in a bit of time while the kids are playing together. I’m learning a few children’s songs so that they can even sing along. I can also play at night when everyone is sleeping. I think focusing on some songs and learning some chords will be a good start.

I would love to just pick up the guitar and start playing many songs right away. I’ll need to exercise patience and stick to my daily practice to improve. Just listening to more music encourages me to keep playing. What a gift it is to play music!

Any good music resources that you can share with me?


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