Using Time Effectively

When I was working full-time, I had to have routines. Had to. If not, my household would fall apart. I planned and anticipated so I was hardly ever in a rush. Lunches were ready the night before, laundry was done and put away at a steady rate, and I arrived to work early every morning. Now that I don’t work outside the home, well, let’s just say my home could use some organization. I won’t make excuses. I have the tools to get this place in shape. For some reason I put things off until they need to be done immediately.

So this week I will work on establishing my routines again. If you’ve heard about Flylady, you know that the before bed routine is essential. I need to plan ahead so I can start the next day in a relaxed manner. And when the kids are busy, I can use those minutes to do something. A minute here, five minutes there. This is the way I need to work. Having some order will give me time and a peaceful feeling to create more!

What are your organizing methods? How do you keep your household in order?


2 thoughts on “Using Time Effectively

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog today. It was fun being introduced to your’s. I would love to visit an exibition of 28,000 Moleskin journals….I don’t know if it is coming to Oregon but I would certainly go visit it. But, I have no tips for organizing time except we all need to be masters of “multi-tasking”.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Jan! That tour won’t be in Oregon this year, but hopefully they will add more stops in the years to come. Multi-tasking is definitely the way to go with the little ones around! Take care!

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