My Blogging Experience So Far

I made attempts to start blogs in the past, but I abandoned them after a while. It takes time to choose the right theme and have lots to write about. This time I think I found something that I really enjoy writing about and have lots of topics I want to explore. I have a little corner I can call my own. I can share my thoughts and connect with like-minded people. If I can write at least one post a week, I feel I’m keeping the momentum here.

I started this blog because I wanted to spotlight artists and all things creative. There is so much talent in the blogging world that I want to spread the word about all the greatness. All this exciting work inspires me to shake off the fear and try to create too.

I have lots to learn about blogging, but I am enjoying the challenge. I feel I’m accomplishing something and contributing a bit as well.

What has your blogging experience been like? Any resources that have been helpful?


8 thoughts on “My Blogging Experience So Far

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  3. Hi. Glad to hear that you are back at blogging again. I find that it is fun and it keeps me inspired. Once a week is more than enough. My best advice is not to pressure yourself. Write when you are moved to write and enjoy the experience.

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