What Subtitles Don’t Tell Us

I recently got caught up with watching many American movies. But sometimes I am in the mood for a foreign film, and this is usually a nice treat. Foreign films may feel, well, foreign, but they are well worth checking out.

What I enjoy most is the way I can get a glimpse into other cultures and see that we share many universal issues. I like seeing how directors interpret life with their unique perspective as portrayed through cinema. Foreign films seem different from American films in that they don’t have the “Hollywood” feel. Their budgets are probably much smaller, and they don’t seem to be as formulaic. They tell stories that may be harsh, but are honest and full of emotion.

One director that I have been watching closely is Pedro Almodovar. I’ve seen three of his films (Broken Embraces, Volver, and Talk to Her). In general, the stories were about relationships with bizarre twists throughout. They were full of secrets that were unraveled as the flow of time went back and forth. The cinematography was amazing with stunning views of Spain.

When watching foreign films, you’ll discover new actors that you might seek out in other films. It took watching Volver for me to discover how talented Penelope Cruz is as an actress.

A few other foreign films I recommend are: City of God, Dear Frankie, Captain Abu Raed, and Life is Beautiful.

What are some foreign films you have enjoyed?


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