“My green thumb came only as a result of the mistakes I made while learning to see things from the plant’s point of view.”

– Fred Dale

I continue to make gardening a priority despite the lack of success. I started a garden last year. I had the seeds, a large area to plant, and enthusiasm to create a beautiful garden. But things did not turn out the way I envisioned.

I picked a plot where I could start a garden along with many of my neighbors. The kids enjoyed going to the garden area. I had to keep my eyes on them while I tried to figure out where to plant and how much to water. In short spurts, I was able to get some work done. But some seeds did not thrive and many garden critters attacked my veggies before they were ready to harvest. It was like man against beast. (Or like woman against many tiny, hungry creatures.) If the seeds didn’t get eaten by birds, the squirrels and rabbits waited until they could pounce on the goods. We did get some peppers, chard, tomatillos and a few other veggies. I am learning what gets hit the least.

Gardening is a lovely hobby. You plant seeds, and things grow. It takes time, patience, and hard work. But the process was the best part. When I did get to work in the garden, I thought about how weeds need to be taken out as soon as possible. How there are some things we need to get rid of before they become a big problem. How we need to take in all the good, healthy parts of life every day. I’ll start gardening again this year, but this time I will be better prepared.

Do you have a garden? What are some of your best tips?


8 thoughts on “Gardening

  1. This book,, has lots of ideas for gardening with children.

    My kids always loved the watering and digging. They were indifferent to pest control and weeding, but loved to harvest.

    As for your young ones, keeping gardening journals, maybe a camera, clipboard/paper/colored pencils all keep them busy while you’re doing the harder work. Just having small tools for them helps them to feel involved.

    Scattered thoughts … Have fun!

    • Thanks for the book recommendation, Ivy. I will check it out. Good ideas for the little ones! I think the youngest is ready to take on some responsibility now.

  2. We grow a garden every year and the kids love it too! If you are starting with seeds, grow them in the house for a month or so first and then move the plant outside once the weather is warmer and the seed has germenated. It is a lot easier this way, plus the kids get to watch the seeds sprouting right before their eyes.

  3. What a coincidence, I just came from a food blog that was discussing growing one’s own food at home and here I land….on a gardening post!

    Yeah, rabbits and other stuff lurking around tend to make it challenging to maintain a garden, but they end up looking so pretty.

    I don’t have a knack for gardening and am not sure if I ever will. It’s too involved for my patience but I would like to grow my own vegetables if I could.

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