What I learned from the A to Z challenge

In April, I participated in the A to Z blogging challenge. I knew it would be a stretch, but I gave it a try. I started off with several post drafts and I was doing well for the first week or two, but soon my drafts ran out and I was struggling to keep up. After a few skimpy posts, I just gave up. I didn’t complete the challenge, but I did learn a lot about my blogging  and what I must to do to keep things going.

When I started preparing for the challenge, I came up with three basic strategies to help me keep focused. I’ve added to and adjusted my strategies for next year:

1. Prepare posts ahead of time

2. Have a theme to bring topics together

3. Keep posts brief and meaningful

4. Make time to read and comment on other blogs

If you didn’t take part this year, I hope you consider it in 2012!

If you participated in this challenge, what would you do differently next year?


3 thoughts on “What I learned from the A to Z challenge

  1. You really didn’t do too badly on the A to Z Challenge. Your strategies are excellent tips to follow. I think you were being too hard on yourself and striving too much for excellence, though that is never a bad goal. The repetitive forced nature of the writing is good exercise for learning to come up with something and making the best of it much like a working writer or journalist must come up with. Keeping a file of ideas also helps. I keep about 20 ideas on standby at any given time and add to them as I come up with more ideas. That way when I’m blanking out for an idea I can always go into those standby topics and finish up one of those or just use it if it’s already done and waiting.

    Good luck next year!

    Tossing It Out

  2. Thank you for stopping by today. I did not participate in the challenge but I think you did really well. The best thing of all is that you found your own strategies that you can use not only with this challenge but others as well.
    I try to have a central theme and/or focus to my posts and blog and hope that comes through for the reader. I really want to encourage women to enjoy their life one moment at a time.
    I too think it is important to communicate with other bloggers, plus for me that is big part of the fun of blogging.

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