Moving Forward with Your Dreams

Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly. 

Langston Hughes

Being true to yourself means following your dreams. Some of you have dreams you have never pursued. Like me, you might have set aside those dreams for the time when all the necessary factors are in place. Well, guess what? The ‘perfect’ time may never come.

These famously successful people had to work hard and take a leap of faith that their actions would get them somewhere. Some never imagined they would be creating such a grand empire or presence. They were just doing what they loved. When you align your dreams with your actions, something meaningful can come out of it.

To that I say, “Why not pursue your dreams now?” Why wait when you could be on your way to a better, more fulfilled life. Obstacles and failure could come from trying something new, but why let that stop you when you can make your dreams come true? If you have to work hard in life, why not work hard in something you really love and treasure?

Of course, you need a plan of action. Do a little research. Figure out what you have to do first to get started. Make a strong effort to make it happen. Be that beautiful bird that is preparing for a long and glorious flight.

As for me, fulfilling my dreams begins with this blog. Here I want to write regularly and consistently to find my voice. Writing about topics I enjoy will help me refine what I want to do next.

Are you pursuing your dreams? What have you been waiting to start but have been afraid to attempt?


8 thoughts on “Moving Forward with Your Dreams

    • That’s great you are taking action, Lee! I sometimes feel like time is running out, but every day I work on things I am a little closer to what I want. Cheers!!!

  1. This is great advice. We all have dreams and we need to pursue them. My dream is to write a book and get it published. I have started on it and although it seems impossible I am going to keep on writing and see what happens. I have found that sharing your dreams with others makes them seem very real and obtainable.

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