A Sewing Update

Sewing Kit

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my plan to learn how to sew. I finally completed a sewing project (the pillowcase tote), and I am lining up a few more projects for the near future.

The final project turned out well for a beginner. At first, my sewing machine needed some adjusting. It seemed slower than usual and the threading was not quite right when I gave it a quick test run. I made some adjustments and then it was fine. The directions were clear enough and I was able to finish fairly quickly. Although the stitches were a bit crooked, I felt good about my final product and enjoyed the process.

My daughter wanted the bag after she saw it, so it is hers now. That little gal is so encouraging since she likes most of my handmade things. It worked out because I felt the handles were a bit small for me but perfect for her. I’m also planning to jazz it up as she likes frills.

After reading several sewing blogs, I’m excited to keep working on projects and  I want to make this a regular activity. I need a good schedule to keep me going. I could plan for two sewing projects a week and see how that works.

How do you manage your time pursuing various hobbies and interests?