In Someone Else’s Shoes (or Shirt or Pants)

Because of this economic climate, more of us are becoming frugal. Many families rely upon thrift shops for clothes and household items. Not only are thrift shops inexpensive, but there are lots of new or fairly new items to take advantage of.

I recently saw this TED Talk by Designer Jessi Arrington who purchases her clothes exclusively at thrift shops. To her, it’s more than just saving money. It’s about reducing the impact on the environment, being yourself by looking unique, letting go of things, and enjoying the process of finding new clothes to wear. Check it out:

She’s just inspired me to add more color to my wardrobe!

Leo Babauta, a prolific blogger and entrepreneur, moved from his home in Guam to San Francisco. Leo and his family sold their belongings and only packed a few possessions before moving. They planned to buy second-hand items when possible once here in California. He is practically starting with a clean slate which suits his minimalist lifestyle.

These examples may be extreme for the average person, but they show us that we don’t have to let our belongings own us.

I shop at thrift shops regularly for clothes and love it! Thrift shops have also become my daughter’s source for dress up items. Since I started sewing, I’ve found lots of good materials to use and even a few items to upcycle.

By shopping at thrift shops, your money goes to good causes, keep people employed, and you get some cool stuff at reasonable prices. It’s a win-win situation!

Do you frequent thrift shops? Do you have a unique clothing style? Are you a minimalist?


5 thoughts on “In Someone Else’s Shoes (or Shirt or Pants)

  1. I love to shop in thrift stores, and buy used when ever I can.
    My husband and I are trying hard this year to not buy anything new…that isn’t absolutely necessary. He’s doing better than I am, but I’m doing better. Our monthly cost has come down, and we’re happier to be causing less impact on our environment.

    We try to be minimalist, but hate to throw anything out. Oh, we’ll use it, or find a home for it….and it sits, and sits. Husband is worse about this than I am.

    good post.
    reminding me to stay on task.

    • Wendy, I admire what you and your husband are doing! I know what you mean about not wanting to throw things out. I hang on to things much longer than I should, but then I am so happy with less clutter and more space when I can get rid of stuff. Maybe an end-of-the-month donation run would help us both!

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