Why Fifteen Minutes Matters

The Passage of TimePhoto Credit: ToniVC

I’m finding it hard to keep up with all I need and want to do each day. Even by limiting my distractions, making time always seems to be a challenge.

I’ve been working on how to be more productive. I don’t have long chunks of time where I can dive into projects. So my new, simple mantra is: Start Small. 

I wrote those words on a piece of paper and put it in my pocket one day this week. I went about my day, but later started stressing about things. When I worry I want to solve everything right away, but I end up doing little to make progress.

I emptied out my pockets and found that piece of paper with Start Small written on it. I felt a bit calmer because I knew there were solutions. I could reach my goals if I just relaxed, believed in myself, and took it slow.

One idea I’d like to make a habit is breaking up projects into 15-minute tasks. Instead of  doing nothing because I don’t have a few hours, I can work on a small part of the project. All those tasks will add up to completed projects if I keep it up. (Flylady talks about this all the time.)

It’s not always about being productive. Sometimes I just need to give myself permission to enjoy some me-time without feeling guilty. A fifteen minute break can boost my energy and help me keep going throughout the day.

I also like the idea of consistently recording daily events with photos, videos and writing down funny anecdotes featuring my family.  In fifteen minute increments, I can capture these fleeting moments so they can be treasured for years to come.

How do you complete your projects and enjoy life, even with a busy schedule?

Do you use the fifteen-minute method to get things done? 


One thought on “Why Fifteen Minutes Matters

  1. Yes, spending a little time on my writing or another project every day can be a good way of making sure that I don’t lose touch with it. And you can build up a Seinfeld chain that way!

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