The Quarter-Acre Farm

Growing your own fresh, organic food can be an exciting process. You’d save money and gain valuable gardening skills. Of course, there is a lot to learn to make this endeavor successful. You could start small with an herb garden or take over your backyard with an abundance of produce to harvest.

Although there are many ways to do it, Spring Warren decided to devote much of her yard to growing food to feed her family. She shares her experiences in her book, Quarter-Acre Farm: How I Kept the Patio, Lost the Lawn, and Fed My Family for A Year.  Check out some photos of her at work.

Through her narrative, she gives lots of helpful advice on how to go about starting a home garden. With each chapter, Spring includes a relevant recipe to wrap up the topic. She covers the basics (such as watering, weeds, and pests), and recounts the many adventures she encounters. Along with all the delicious produce, Spring raises some chickens and geese for their eggs. She also prepares snails from her garden for a special escargot recipe.

I truly enjoyed her entertaining writing style throughout the book. Her passion for growing her own food shines through. Growing food for her family has become a way of life for Spring. Through the successes and mishaps, She gives a realistic view of what to expect. It takes plenty of patience and innovation to make it all work.

Even without much space, there are many places to grow your own food. You could start at a window sill, balcony, front door, or community garden. With a little research and enthusiasm, you can also begin growing some delicious fruits and veggies of your own.

Are you interested in growing your own food? Do you have experience with this already?


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