A to Z Challenge: Listen INXS

As I was looking up some songs by INXS, I recalled how the album Kick was so energetic and captivating. (It is a must hear if you are not familiar with it!) Among those rockin’ songs, “Need You Tonight” still stands out to me:

Are you a fan of INXS? Any favorite songs? 


2 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge: Listen INXS

  1. I am the songwriter of Need You Tonight and many others for INXS. I made up the song while sitting in the middle of a roller skating rink in 1985 next to Michael Hutchence. In 1983, INXS wrote the song Roller Skating about me. I am also the Amy mentioned in the lyrics of INXS song Reckless Ways.

  2. Wow, Amy!!!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! INXS is a fabulous band and the songs are incredible. I really do love the songs on Kick! I haven’t listened to any of their more recent albums. So sad about Michael!

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