A to Z Challenge: The Violator Album

I remember clearly when I purchased the Violator album. It was one of my first CDs and I was a major Depeche Mode fan. Just look at the sleek, minimalist cover:

I always wanted one of those Violator Tour concert shirts, but I never got one. I didn’t even go to a Depeche Mode concert until the Exciter Tour which was a decade after Violator came out. But seeing and hearing DM live was worth the wait!

Here’s one from Violator you might remember:

Although David Gahan usually sings the lead vocals for DM, Martin Gore also sings lead vocals from time to time. Here’s one sung by Martin from Violator:

Are you a Depeche Mode fan? Which song or album is your favorite?


4 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge: The Violator Album

  1. I would definitely get up and dance Ana. I still love to dance but when I was a teenager (way back in the dark ages) that was my favorite thing to do. It was great to hear from you today.

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