What is Your Favorite Children’s Book?

Photo Credit: Meg Fish

Great books inspire us, and children’s books are no exception. Over the years, I’ve learned about the many talented authors who create timeless, memorable children’s stories that are near and dear to people of all ages. While some books serve a purpose in teaching particular lessons, some of these books have this magic quality that makes kids want to hear them again and again.

The beauty of picture books is that they get to the point quickly, and their messages can be thought-provoking because they touch upon many deep issues and topics. To this day, I can’t read The Giving Tree without shedding a tear. I love this story so much. Such a simple tale about the complexities of love, relationships, and gratitude.

Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary were some of my favorite authors. They wrote with honesty about growing up, so their stories were easy to relate to. I want to revisit Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret because it brings up many quintessential issues of adolescence. I might encourage my daughter to read it when the right time comes.

I think everyone has at least one childhood book that moved them in a way no other book has before. What was that book for you?

Do you ever reread children’s books you once loved and see them in a different light as an adult? What surprised you?


2 thoughts on “What is Your Favorite Children’s Book?

  1. The Little Prince. I’m still re-reading it from time to time. I’m sure my perception of it has changed over time, but I’d have a hard time pinpointing how.. I’ve read it so many times at different stages in my life, so the change has been very gradual.

    I also bought Pippi Longstocking not so long. I was pretending i bought it for my kids, but they are really not old enough for it yet…

  2. Oh, The Little Prince! I’ve read it once, but now it’s time to read it to my kids. I’ve never read Pippi Longstocking, but always enjoyed the movies. Great picks. Thanks for sharing, Tat!

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