How Dance Can Change Your Life

A few weeks ago, I found two inspirational blog posts related to dancing. Mum in Search referred to Julie Daley’s blog about living the way we dance. Any dancer will tell you how incredible it is to dance and have this meaningful outlet to express yourself. Julie’s blog featured this beautiful video about why people dance:

This video really pulls together the point for me.  It portrayed diversity and inclusiveness within the dance community. With such a variety of dance opportunities, everyone can find something comfortable and suitable for them.

I haven’t taken a dance class for years, but I do miss it. I feel a pull toward dance and want to get back into it. Just like these dancers, I know how therapeutic and soothing it is to dance.

Dance can change your life because you will feel differently when you do it. You may find self-acceptance and not worry so much about how others see you.  Others may in fact feel envious that you are so free and able to have this outlet.  It’s a blessing to be able to move and glide across a floor. It’s a way to celebrate life.

Have you ever taken dance lessons? Is dance something you enjoy or would like to pursue? 


3 thoughts on “How Dance Can Change Your Life

  1. Thanks for being inspired by my post and sharing the link. Dance is my most preciously guarded activity, I might not do anything else for myself, but I have to dance. I hope you find our dance outlet, too!

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