For the Love of (Audio) Books

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Do you have many books you want to read, but little time for them all? I manage to have some reading time at night and a few minutes here and there during the day. But having time to physically sit down and read is at a premium. That’s why I’ve given audio books a try. Here’s what I’ve found about audiobooks:

Audio books are convenient. You can listen to audio books in your car, on your computer, and even on your iPod. You can pick up right where you left off and get back into the story.

Audio books are time-efficient. You can enjoy an audio book while washing dishes, folding laundry, and even exercising. Just go about your usual routine and listen to a book. You’ll be able to catch up on your reading list.

Audio books are available for free at the library. I am thankful for the library providing so many free services, and audio books are at the top of the list. When you check out a book, you are allowed to upload the files to your computer or MP3 player. (Just be sure to delete it when you are done.) Could it be any easier or cheaper?

Services like also provide free audio files of works published before 1923. Their readers are volunteers.

Audio books give a new dimension to your reading experience. There are some audio book narrators/readers who bring a certain liveliness to the book. I remember a few really great ones and that made me enjoy the book even more. Books with various narrators like The Help and The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao had exceptional readers that pulled the story together well.

I love print books and hope that they will always be around, but I’ve also found that audio books serve a purpose for me.

Have you listened to audio books? Any favorites? 


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