Four Short Stories Challenge – Week #1 Check-In

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I finished my first short story for this month’s challenge. I feel good that I am on schedule with my goals and making good progress. After completing this first draft, I’m already planning changes to the story. The basic structure, setting, and characters will be the same, but I now have a better sense of where I want to go with this story. I’ll also need to go back and do more showing rather than telling, so I have lots of work to do. But the editing will take place next month or later. The fact that I have something to work with is satisfying and motivates me to keep writing. On to the next story!

What are you writing goals for September?

Are you working on or editing a short story? 


4 thoughts on “Four Short Stories Challenge – Week #1 Check-In

  1. I’m starting to outline a story in my head. Do you do that before you write anything down? I’ve learned to wait until my characters are clear in my mind before I dive into beating out my novel.

    Good luck with your monthly goals! More showing than telling is always a good one to have.

    • Yes, I do begin with a general outline in mind, but sometimes it doesn’t work well on the page so I have to change it up. I guess the real work is in the rewrites. I’ll have characters I want to write about, but it’s hard for me to develop them without writing a bit down. I don’t spend enough time really thinking about the characters, so I’m learning that better outlining and note-taking go a long way. Thanks for the encouragement, Emily!

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