Four Short Stories Challenge – Week #4 Check-In

Notebook collection

Photo Credit: dvortygirl

Writing four short stories in September was ambitious for me. Although meeting the challenge was hard, it was just what I needed to get back into writing fiction. I got these first drafts started, and now I can take them to the next level. These story ideas were ones I’ve thought about for a long time. One story has been in the works for years. I lost the first draft I wrote and never forgot about it, so I began it again with a different angle. These stories still don’t feel complete, but I will have to put more time into them to make them work.

Time will always be a factor when writing, but I am working on setting myself up for success.  I’ll have some extra time to write this month, so I will take advantage of this opportunity. This will mean getting out of the house to write so that I won’t have the usual distractions. With no internet, it will be much easier to focus.

Are you managing to make time for projects you enjoy?

Is there a creative outlet you have been meaning to pursue?


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