Updates and Upcoming Projects

Flower sparkle

March will be all about preparation. Here are some updates:

My decluttering progress has been slow and steady. It felt good to donate a few bags of clothes and other items.  I’m getting my kids into the habit of going through their things to find what they’ve outgrown. I sometimes have to quietly dispose of items they don’t need, but they are getting used to finding things to donate. Now we have a tad bit more room, and someone else could actually use those things that were collecting dust in my home.

I’ve brainstormed for the A to Z Challenge. I’m still working on my list of post ideas, and it’s been fun narrowing down what I will write about. My goal is to write the first week’s worth of posts before April 1st. Having some posts done early will give me more time to read blogs.

I’ve revisited the short stories I wrote in October, and I’ve selected one to work on first. I have a few new ideas to make the story stronger. Oh the thrill of editing!

I’ve kept up with my reading and have finished 5 books already this year! Having audiobooks as an option is really good for me although some books are better read than listened to.

What are you up to these days? Any accomplishments you want to share?


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