Celebrating the Small Things – July 12

Early pink dogwood flower heads

   Courtesy of Martin LaBar

I recently found VikLit’s blog which hosts the Celebrate the Small Things blog hop on Fridays. I love the concept of celebrating even the smallest of accomplishments because it keeps me motivated to do more.

What I’m celebrating this week:

1. Finding the Celebrating the Small Things blog hop! (Thanks, Heather!)

2. Keeping a few hot spots clear in my kitchen.

3. Filling one bag with clothes to donate.

What are you celebrating this week? 

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12 thoughts on “Celebrating the Small Things – July 12

  1. I finally received my parcel from Fed Ex (see my blog),
    I managed 2 short walks this week,
    my place stayed remarkably clean after the big clean up last week for daughter’s first visit!

  2. You’re welcome Ana, glad you could join. I really should sort out some of the clothes in our house for donating. You may have just given me the nudge to do it.

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