The Start of Something New


It took helping my daughter with her flute to inspire me to pick up an instrument of my own. My daughter was having trouble with a few notes for some pieces she would be playing at her first concert at school. She only begin playing the flute a few months ago, so she had simple songs to practice. I looked at her materials, figured out what she needed to do, and guided her through the songs. We went from familiar notes and progressed to the more challenging ones. It was thrilling for both of us to hear her produce familiar tunes, and she was excited about the idea of performing with her elementary school classmates on stage.

With all this music making, I looked at the old, sentimental guitar that was displayed in our living room. I always wanted to play the guitar, but I thought that old guitar was too delicate for me. My husband’s guitar isn’t the right size for me, so I took a chance and picked up that fragile-looking extra guitar. With the help of husband who has been playing guitar for years, and, I began learning a few chords and actually making some music. Although I’ve had to adjust to the pain on my fingertips, I’ve felt pure joy ever since picking up that guitar.

I felt it was just the right time to start a musical instrument. Somehow everything was aligned to make this a possible and successful venture for me. How about you? Have you ever felt an activity or change came at just the right time in you life? Tell me about it!




Celebrate the Small Things – July 26


Photo courtesy of @Doug88888

I’m enjoying the Celebrate the Small Things blog hop and hope you also join in!

This week I’m celebrating some writing time. I managed to start a new short story and this has encouraged me to revisit a few other stories that need to be revised. I also did some brainstorming for blog posts and other writing projects.

What are you celebrating this week? 

A to Z Challenge – S for Seinfeld

Seinfeld is my favorite sitcom. Not familiar with the show? Here’s an intro:

A favorite scene:

They are always helping each other out:

Are you familiar with Seinfeld? What’s your favorite episode or scene?

A to Z Challenge – M for Macklemore

I enjoyed hip hop back in the 80s and 90s, but I’m not up on the latest hip hop music these days. Macklemore is an artist I heard about this year, but he’s been making music for over a decade. This guy got my attention when I first heard Thrift Shop. He’s got the right idea about consumerism. Pair that with catchy music and lyrics, and you get a major hit (FYI – explicit lyrics):

I looked up a few more songs by Macklemore to see if I would like any of his other work. Same Love is a song with a deep message. I cried when I first saw the video. You really want to check it out:

Are you familiar with Macklemore’s music? Are you into hip hop or rap? 

A to Z Challenge – I for Ice Skating

Ice skating, Public Garden

I went ice skating for the first time this winter. I have been on roller skates and roller blades before, but this was different. It was difficult at first, but I got the hang of it after a bit. There is something freeing and exhilarating about trying something new.  It gives you a boost of energy and reminds you that there is so much to learn and experience. You don’t have to be good at everything, but it is worth trying as much as possible.

Have you ever been ice skating? Have you tried something new lately? What was your experience like? 

A to Z Challenge – H for Humor

What’s life without a little humor now and then? Here’s a classic scene from a comedic genius. I can’t help but laugh every time I see it:

What makes you laugh? Who’s your favorite comedian?