A to Z Challenge: The Violator Album

I remember clearly when I purchased the Violator album. It was one of my first CDs and I was a major Depeche Mode fan. Just look at the sleek, minimalist cover:

I always wanted one of those Violator Tour concert shirts, but I never got one. I didn’t even go to a Depeche Mode concert until the Exciter Tour which was a decade after Violator came out. But seeing and hearing DM live was worth the wait!

Here’s one from Violator you might remember:

Although David Gahan usually sings the lead vocals for DM, Martin Gore also sings lead vocals from time to time. Here’s one sung by Martin from Violator:

Are you a Depeche Mode fan? Which song or album is your favorite?


A to Z Challenge: Unforgettable

If it’s a bit of romance you’re looking for, check out Nat and Natalie in this heartfelt duet:

Do you enjoy Nat King Cole‘s music? Are you a fan of Natalie Cole?

A to Z Challenge: Red Hot Chili Peppers

When I think of rock bands, The Red Hot Chili Peppers always comes to mind.

They’re wild, crazy, and make some of the best rock music to this day. Along with their feisty tunes, they sure do know how to create serene, subtle hits as well:

Any Red Hot Chili Pepper fans? What’s your favorite RHCP song?